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杜德偉-Talking Heart To Heart

Talking Heart To Heart

No One Else Comes Close

When we turn out the lights
The two of us alone together
Something just not right
But girl you know that I'd never
ever let another's touch come between the two of us
Cause no one else could never take your place

No one else comes close to you
No one makes me feel the way you do
You're so special girl to me
And you'll always be eternally
Every time I hold you near
You always say the words I love to hear
Girl with just a touch you can do so much
No one else come close

And when I wake up to
The touch of your head on my shoulder
You're my dream come true
Oh girl you know I'll always treasure
Every kiss everyday love you girl in every way
And I always will cause in my eyes



Talking Heart to Heart

Every night every day
I've be waiting for your love to come and stay
Now I found you on my way
Catch my breath close my eyes
I always imagine that you are by my side
Such feeling of desire

I wanna bring you closer
Watch you every single step
Romance between two lovers is what I am trying to get

We are talking heart to heart
See the magic moment start
Hold you honestly we never be apart
We are searching for a sign
Let the passion be alive
And I promise you
You don't have to ask me why

Hold your hand the first time
We belong together
No one can deny
Cause your body reads my mind
Just call me, I'll be there
Open up your senses and throw away your cares
There is a lifetime for us to share

We are talking eye to eye, face to face, heart to heart
See the magic moment start
Hold you honestly we never be apart
We are searching for a sign
To keep our love alive
Through the good times and the bad times
You'll be mine



Sha la la

I thought I had no chance
Thought I never find romance
There's an empty space still left in my heart
Then you came alone
Giving lyrics to my song
I'll never be alone in the night
Girl as long as you're there holding me tight
I'm so involved with you
My heart is in your hand
So now you understand

Sha la la
You are the only one I dream of
Sha la la
You are the one that makes me feel love

I know it's a new day
Cause I've never felt this way
You can see it by the smile on my face
There's no reason why
I can't keep you satisfied
You look at me and I look at you
I know automatically what to do
Girl just close your eyes and I'll take you there
Just throw away your cares

Sha la la
You are the only one I dream of
Sha la la
You are the one that makes me feel love



It's All Inside My Mind

Is this the beginning of the end
When two lovers can't be friends
Now that I'm feeling so unsure I gotta know

Tell me your love will always shine
And I'm so wrong so wrong this time
How do you make these feelings go I gotta know

Then you hold me close
And call my name Say to me
That nothings changed
And your hearts the same as its always been
Then you make me understand its all inside

Its all inside my mind
I'll wake to find that I've been dreaming
It's all inside my head
Better listen to what my heart is feeling

All inside all inside my mind
All inside all inside my mind

So just tell me I am wrong
When I fell I don't belong
And if I'm feeling insecure Don't let go

Cause you don't give up when I'm down
Give me time to come around
Your hearts the same as its always been
And you make me understand its all inside



I Miss You Most

It's almost time
For me to do my show
You're always there
There on the very first row
But things have changed
And so the story goes
And I don't know where you are
And my spirits are so low

But I'm a pro
I know that I must perform
I'll do my best
To make sure that show goes on
So I'll get by
So pass the microphone
But deep inside I know
That there'll be no applause at home

And I'll miss you most
When I'm singing
When I hit the last note
I'll be calling out your name
I'll miss you most
When I'm singing
And the final curtain call I'll feel the pain

Here I am
Alone in my dressing room
Wondering how I'll get the strength to croon
And everywhere are pictures of me for you
But these melodies of love has turned into songs of blue




Now I'm off to see the wizard
He who hold the key
To give me answers to the questions I need
He told me that I wasn't happy about the way of my world
And I had to tend to say I agree

Then he told me that you got to change your state of mind
You got to start at the beginning leave all behind
Take a new direction
Believe in your decision
And take it to the top and no one's gonna stop me

I feel a chill when it rain rain rains
And I just won't let it get to me
I shake me head and go my my my
See my face and know what I mean
Make some sense out of this whole mess
And I couldn't careless if it kills me
Give me room to express myself
Just as long as I believe in me

A pocket full of wishes and a world of dreams
And I never seem to be complete
I thought a woman could be all the angles for me
But it turn out to be all deceit
And you'll never never know for sure
If people ever mean what they say
When taking the chances you just have to realize
Life is a gamble if you're doing it in your way

Now I got a hold of my life and I found a real love
And I'm counting all the blessings I've got
All my dreams put into motion
And I'm about to take flight
Disregarding all the negative thoughts
Oh I'm feeling kinda good about my future thank
Now I'm just beginning to see
I took a new direction
Spin in to perfection
I took it to the top and nothing's gonna stop me



Drive Me Crazy

I know a girl by the name of Denise
I gave her candy and she gave me her keys
Thought she was innocent just outta high school
But when she's wit me she sure knows what to do
I could kinda sense it by the look in her eyes
Then she pulled up on me
And got me by surprise

She wanna drive me crazy
Do me baby
Tell me don't you think
Its time for something sexual
Drive me crazy
Don't say maybe
Give me satisfaction cause
I know you are able

Drive me crazy
Freaky lady
Chew me up and spit me out
That's just not nature
Drive me crazy
Ooh wee honey
Tell me what you want
Cause baby I need to know

I met a girl
She said her name is Louisa
She can get any man
Whenever she pleases
Got hot and heavy
But the next thing I know
She turn around and
Say that I gotta go
Now I'm left alone
All by myself in the dark
Light up all my fire before I fall apart

I guess I should free my mind
And go with the flow



Dance With Me

Used to be on my own
Used to cry all alone
Used to sit by the phone
Waiting for love

Dancing all by myself
Wishing there's someone else
I can share all my love
Baby it's you

Dance with me
Let's take it slow
Wait and see
Please don't go
Dance with me
Now we are alone
Let's follow

Every smile that you made
Every look that you gave
Girl I know that is you
I've been dreaming of

I love you
You know I do
Faithfully I'll be yours

I need you
You know it's true
Loving you forever

Dance with me
Let's take it slow
Wait and see
Please don't go

No more night on my own
No more crying alone
No more wait by the phone
Baby it's you



Tell Me

Whenever I get lonely
I have a vision of you
You made me feel so warm and cozy
I don't know what to do
So I call you every morning
Just to hear you when you wake up
And hope that we together be
For all eternity

Let me take you somewhere
Far from all your troubles
So I can hug you kiss you comfort you
And hold you through night
We can start a new beginning
One that never has an ending
Just the two
Me and you
Forever in a life

Baby tell me
What I have to do to keep you in my life
I'll do it all for you

Baby tell me
What's a man to do when loving you feels right
Tell me what we're gonna do tonight

Lately I've been feeling
A sadness deep inside me
But when I hold your body next to me
The pain just goes away
Cause the love we share between us
Is the key to all our happiness
Without a flaw, Spring or fall
I'll love you through its all

When I'm feeling cold and lonely
And you're feeling quite the same
Girl I wanna hold you close to my heart
Nothing can tear us apart
Cause I'll be with you right there from the start



Mandarina Lady

Just another night on the town
Looking for some swinging old sound
Mandarina Lady is the only club that I found
People in the mood everywhere
Magic I can feel in the air
See if I can find some love for me at all

Walk some lady
Dress in a long silky gown
She's something special
Couldn't be from this side of town

She's assigned man wants to see
To my surprise she is looking at me
Mandarina lady sweeps me off the ground

I'll take you the way out

Closer and closer we dance
But no conversation no chance
Mandarina lady can we talk at all
Oh...can I hold you closer
Tell you things that I like to say
Well...she spoken in a whisper
And taught me sing in this way

我愛妳means I love you
別問我means don't ask me why
Mandarina lady, Are we get your embrace
Mandarina baby I pray tonight you stay
Who...Mandarina lady we kiss the night away



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